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Top Picks for Vietnam 2018

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2018 is coming soon. Whether going back home for New Year holiday or meeting friends and chatting, people will definitely spend some time travelling. Thanks to the length of S-shaped country, Vietnam always consists of many outstanding and surprising places that you may not discover in such a year. If you are wondering where to go for this upcoming year, let’s explore some of the travelling experience you might favor for your future trip!

1. Staying overnight on a junk boat in Halong Bay

There won’t be any complaints when it comes to Ha Long Bay, one of the world natural heritages that is so much famous to everyone. The impressing thing is that, we are often used to living in a hotel or motel during the journey; however, the number of people sleeping on a boat Halong bay might be less. And Halong Bay can offer this minor feature by many of travelling services that allow tourists to have a good night in a room on the boat, of course a safe one.

With a variety of selection of the quality of the boat including 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars as well as its designs and materials, tourists can feel free to choose whichever they want and can be affordable. On average, the price will be up to 2 million VND, nearly 100 USD and each boat agency will have different benefits but of all those services, safety of tourists will be always put on the top. Just imagine you sitting next to the fresh water of the bay and relaxingly enjoying the beautiful and glamorous sunrise or sunset, you cannot ignore this amazing experience.

2. Get hidden by the nature

Going to the beaches has become a familiar activity of tourists and Vietnamese people at the weekend or even in holiday. However, recently, going up to the mountain is getting more well-known than going down as beaches are crowded whenever it comes to holidays. Getting hidden by nature can also mean a life staying away from the normal life in cities and ignoring all stressful work, a life having shortage of modern equipment but definitely bringing one of the most peaceful moment in your soul.

A house, a swimming pool or a field on the high region using nature is the main environment is what some of people are preferring. If you have heard about this type of relaxing, Sa Pa, Ninh Binh or Thanh Hoa are among those destination that are suitable for experiencing, having to include Pu Luon Retreat, Chezbeo Valley Bungalows, Eco Palms House, Topas Ecolodge, The Haven Sapa Camp Site and other attractive places. The price would not be cheap at all together with even a long and hard way to reach, they are still worth to be enjoyed, aren’t they?

3. Living closer to the local life

One of the most noticeable place that uses that type of travelling is Da Lat, Mekong delta, another is SaPa. Instead of renting a classic room in a hotel with all four white walls as previous, tourists are looking for more and more homestays to stay overnight as if they are at their own houses. Homestay in the modern town is no longer for only staying and sleeping. It is becoming a piece of art, where people taking a rest, enjoying the incredible view with lots of flowers and trees and even drinking a cup of coffee in the slightly coldness of the weather.

If hanging around social networks and coming across with those pictures with the amazing sightseeing, retro or colorful style, you can recognize they might be in a homestay, not a hotel!

4. Have lunch with ethnic minority people

You would never know how good they are when speaking English. Local people, here we mention those living in ethnic minorities group, can speak English very well with their accent familiar to the native speakers. Together with their unique traditions and culture, many foreigners wants to find the way to deepen the nature and discover the beauty of people living there.

Sa Pa, where H’Mong people live, is where local people usually welcome tourists coming and having lunch with them. Also, after that, tourists should join in the trekking with them around their hamlets or villages.

5. Backpacking Tourism

If those travel agencies have been famous for their good job in guiding tourists when they travel to Vietnam, most of people especially the youth and even foreigners are getting more interested in backpacking tourism, which is a type of travel within a small group using mainly motorbikes and carrying one or two backpacks. Thanks to the dramatic development of the Internet, people can go almost anywhere with their own smartphone having internet connection. That might be the reason why more people prefer trekking by themselves.

Get ready to join in the motor world where most of people use motorbikes instead of cars as the main means of transportation. Tourists can rent a motorbike and explore the beauty of every place along Vietnam. However, be patient with the traffic jam and be serious with those transportation principles!

6. Experiencing life on the boat Mekong delta

The north of Vietnam are famous for the extreme and harsh coldness where you can find a similarity in weather with your own country. The middle region has been complimented for its antique and charming beauty as well as the relaxing tranquility. The south of Vietnam are too well known to tourists when mention Saigon, the biggest and busiest city in the country. So what about the southwest area? Life and work on the boat has become a unique feature of people living there.

We can see a charming and luxurious boat floating on the river or sea including people enjoying their meal.  We also notice a cruise with tourists sitting and relaxing during their holidays. However, it is rare to watch people living, staying, and reading on their own boat with full of commodities in every early morning on the river. But that’s true with people in the southwest of Vietnam. And that is when people, especially tourists coming from abroad find interesting in life of people there when they choose homestay in Mekong delta. We cannot tell how exciting and amazing the air is when floating markets along the Mekong Delta start.