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Discover Ha Giang Loop

After finishing all the exams and assignment, I and my group of friends decided to let our hair down by an adventure motorbike trip to discover Ha Giang Loop. Ha Giang is Vietnam’s northern-most province. Once considered the last frontier for adventurous travel in Vietnam, Ha Giang gained an almost legendary status among independent travellers.…

Do’s and Don’ts

Vietnamese people are very gracious, polite and generous and will make every effort to make guests feel comfortable. Do not be surprised if somebody you have just met invites you home to meet the family and friends. These are the experiences that will enrich your visit to Vietnam. Vietnamese culture is very different to the…

Eat street food safely

Besides discovering new places, I also love to taste the local culinary and for sure it will make my trip more enjoyable and unforgettable. Hanoi is known for the diversity and delicious street food, but will you eat Hanoi street food safely without getting sick? Our suggestion for tasting Hanoi street food properly, choose the…