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Some of weird experience in Hanoi

traditional paper mask hanoi

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has appeal an enormous amount of tourists thanks to its charming and retro beauty together with such peaceful atmosphere, giving them an unique moment that could hardly find around the world. Coming to visit Hanoi, travelers will be definitely introduced those famous structure as well as iconic landmarks representing for the old Hanoi. However, if you are still wondering where to go next for a Old Quarter trip, something weird to do, then we will show you how to change your direction to something quite weird but exciting that you may find enjoyable when staying in Hanoi.

1.  Enjoy a Hanoian Meal

A place considered comfortable when it feels like you’re staying at your own house. And it would be the same as eating. Restaurants, food stalls, supermarkets or convenient stores have been so familiar to tourists wherever they travel. But food from home might be another unique point. Imagine you stepping into a local house and joining in preparing food for a meal, the atmosphere will change speedily from luxurious to something warm, cozy and homey. Especially when traveling to Hanoi’s local house, tourists can have a chance to be shown how to cook some specialties of Hanoi in particular and of Vietnam in general.

Pho (Vietnamese Noodle), Wrap and Roll,  Vietnamese BBQ Noodle together with Spring Roll eating with fresh vegetables and sauce or just a typical traditional Vietnamese meal with rice and meat and soup, all can be made by your hand with the help of Hanoian people, friendly as well as warmly hearted.

2. Fruit Carving Experience

Usually the trip will let you discover the beautiful and typical feature of a specific place. But if you want to do something by yourself when you’re in Hanoi, then we would highly recommend you join the Fruit Carving Class.

Being known as a tropical country, Vietnam has the fortune of having a wide variety of fruits. That is also the opportunity to opening those fruit carving class to introduce to any friends around the world. And one of them is you, our dear friends. With simple ingredients and easily found fruits such as watermelon, carrot, cucumber or pomelo, you will be taught how to decorate the turn those fruits into beautiful and colorful creatures.

3. Paper Mask Making

Another way of exploring the unique thing about Hanoi, beside decorating and carving fruits, is to decorate and make a paper mask with the instruction of the craftsmen. Considered as one of the favorite traditional toy of Vietnamese children, the work, despite the current situation of the modern life leading to the reduction of kids playing traditional games, still appeals a lot of people. With paper, glue and color, you can make a colorful and amazing mask then have it dried under the sunlight one or two days. Maybe your masks can be sold in Vietnamese market!

4. Water Puppet Show

Water Puppetry has been considered one of the most traditional and typical as well as cultural feature of Vietnamese people. It is such a type of art that the artisans hide themselves behind the scenes controlling the puppets together with music bringing you an excellent performance that you will definitely not see somewhere else but only in Vietnam.

If you are still fond of it, you can reach the theatre which is a 5 minutes walk from the Old Quarter. Enjoy your moment!

5. Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang Ceramic Village, for decades, has become the soul and the iconic feature of Hanoi people. Their loyalty to this brand can be much clearly shown by the use of it as decoration at their house, so many things that every corner of the house will appear a thing under the name “Gom Bat Trang”. Being only 13km far from Hanoi, you can have some time to experience the artisans making ceramic products in various shapes and designs.