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Van Phuc Silk Village


Vạn Phúc village, Hà Đông Distric, Hanoi

Van Phuc silk village (or familiar name as Ha Dong silk village) is located in Van Phuc ward, Ha Dong district, approximately 10km away from Hanoi City. Famous with its unique silk weaving tradition of more than 1,000 years, Van Phuc silk products have lured every tourist arrived here by their sophisticated design patterns and it’s most long-standing history in Vietnam.

van phuc silk village

Coming to Van Phuc silk village, you can see how the traditional silk be woven from the natural silk material, giving a soft, smooth touch and sophisticated looking which you can find in nowhere.

van phuc silk village

Walk on the small path leading to the Exhibition House of traditional silk products; you will see the very old wooden loom dated back to 19th century on your left side. Nowadays, when the weaving machines have been replacing almost of ancient looms, this is one of rare ancient loom that still be preserved.

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