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Quan An Ngon (Ngon restaurant)


18 Phan Bội Châu, Cửa Nam, Hà Nội

Quan An Ngon Hanoi with traditional style from restaurant design to dishes has really become one of the best choices of Vietnamese cuisine culture for domestic and international customers.

quan an ngon

Ngon Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the ancient French villa. You will see the image of a street shop alternating with food stalls, and a salesperson (chef) in traditional dress.

quan an ngon

Go to Quan An Ngon food court, you will experience the culture of Vietnamese cuisine on the busy streets of noodle shops, juices or as street food dishes, to southern pancakes, dumplings, spring rolls, tea of all kinds… All the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine converge all here.

quan an ngon


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