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Hang Da Market


Hàng Da street, Cửa Đông dist, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Located in the heart of Hanoi capital, the Hang Da Market is a popular hang-out among the locals and the tourists visiting Hanoi. This market is also located very close to many other tourist attractions like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Vietnam Women’s Museum etc.

hang da market hanoi

In the past, Hang Da market sold mainly leather products, and hence it was called “Hang Da” (leather market). Nowadays, the old Hang Da market has been upgraded into a small shopping mall that would offer you variety of products, ranging from food, beverage to clothes, jewelries, and even an entertainment area for children.

If you have been to Dong Xuan market before, you would realize that Hang Da market is smaller than the Dong Xuan market. However, it would be easier for you to buy retailed products in Hang Da market. The most prominent products here are fresh food, wine, flowers, and clothes & fabric.

hang da market hanoi

The best time to visit Hang Da market is in the morning when the market’s basement is full of fresh food like: meat, beef, fish, poultry and plenty of fruits and vegetables while the first floor sells beverages and confectionery with good qualities. Let’s take a break and enjoy some freshly cooked Hanoi street food there like: “xôi chả cua”, “miến lươn”, etc at Hang Da market.

Especially, you can buy or tailor make the Vietnamese traditional long dresses “Ao Dai” in Hang Da market are very beautiful and high-quality ones because they are made from real silk with sophisticated embroidery.

Hang Da Market: on Hang Da street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Opening times: Daily from 6.00AM to 21.00PM

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