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Flag Tower of Hanoi


Dien Bien Phu street, Ba Dinh dist, Hanoi

The Flag Tower of Hanoi is one of the rare architectural works in Hanoi Citadel that was fortunate enough to not be destroyed by the French domination administration between 1894 and 1897. Its existence of nearly 200 years and now renowned as one of the historic symbols of Hanoi. Would you make your trip to Hanoi, you should not miss this historic attractions to feel the tranquility as an observation and learn more about Vietnam history.

flag tower hanoi

Architecture and Historical value

The construction of Flag tower Hanoi began in 1805 and completed in 1812, the 11th year of Gia Long reign, Nguyen Dynasty in the southern part of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Hanoi Flag Tower remains an undamaged and the most imposing structure in the entire Thang Long Imperial Vestige.

flag tower hanoi

The Flag Tower of Hanoi is 33m height with three platforms, eight-side tower and 41.4m height consisting of the flag pole. With original construction purpose as an observatory; the Flag Tower offers a breathtaking view for the watchers standing on it. The top of the tower is an eight-side room with eight windows corresponding to eight directions, offering enough space for six people standing inside. In the middle of the observatory room, there is a round base of 0.4 meter in diameter and 8m high up to the top where the national flag is fixed.

flag tower hanoi

During the French colonial time, the Flag Tower Hanoi was used as an observation tower by French Army. In American war, it was also an observation tower of Hanoi’s air defense forces. At that time, from the top of the tower, it was possible to observe the whole Hanoi and the suburb.

flag tower hanoi

On October 10th, 1954, the red flag with yellow star (Vietnam National Flag now), flied on the top of the Flag Tower of Hanoi for the first time which was recognized as the historical monument in 1989. That day, the people jubilantly welcomed the Festival of Victory, the day Hanoi became completely liberated. People marched towards Hanoi Flag Tower, waiting for a historic moment: the hoisting ceremony of National Flag on the top of the Flag Tower Hanoi.

flag tower hanoi

Going there

The Flag tower of Hanoi is adjacent to the Military History Museum. You need to buy entrance fee to the Museum and also go on visiting the Flag tower. So make your trip combine with the Military History Museum with the Flag Tower. Entrance fee is 30,000vnd/person (~US$1.5).

Opening hours: 9.00 – 17.00 everyday.

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