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Dong Xuan Market


Dong Xuan, Hanoi

Dong Xuan market is located in the center district Hoan Kiem of Hanoi. Originally built by the French administration in 1889, Dong Xuan market has been renovated several times with the latest in 1994 after a fire which almost destroyed the market. Nowadays, Dong Xuan market Hanoi is the largest covered market of Hanoi where the wholesale traders sell everything from clothes, household goods to foodstuffs.

dong xuan market hanoi

Dong Xuan market sells a variety of products, from food items such as candy, wine, even fresh and dried seafood, to clothing, footwear, bags, hat.. This is a wholesale market, supplying to retail outlets in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. Therefore, the price of the products here is the original price, lower than other local markets.  If the item you want to buy is not retail in the market. You can search in the shops around. There are also many goods that are sold at wholesale prices.

dong xuan market hanoi

Dong Xuan Market also has a food court with many food stalls along the small alley near the market, diverse local street food and beverage, many kind of noodles, bbq.. which attracts many tourists coming to taste the authentic street food Hanoi, crowded in the evening.

dong xuan market food court

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