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Bao Son Paradise


Km 8, Thăng Long Avenue, Lê Trọng Tấn Street, An Khánh Commune, Hoài Đức District, Hà Nội City

Bao Son Paradise is located in a spacious and airy space, just 6 kilometers from the National Convention Center, along Thang Long Avenue, Ha Noi.

Bao Son Paradise is the biggest entertainment and tourism complex in the North of Viet Nam with 20 hectares. There are 4 main areas in the paradise namely traditional craft villages of Viet Nam, the eco-tourism area, the replica of Ha Noi’s ancient quarters and the culinary section offering cuisine from all corners of Viet Nam.


The craft village brings together unique handicraft products of 13 northern Vietnam craft villages in a space with strong national identity. Visitors coming here will witness the production process, learn how to make traditional handicraft products from raw materials and enjoy shopping products at the display booths. These include pottery village, gem village, silk village, silver village, painting village, etc. This is an ideal place to explore traditional culture, local setting and background as well as shopping for souvenirs.


It includes all 8 specialized locations: cultural paradise, ecology, games, arts, cuisine, technology, seminars, and underwater. In which ecological paradise is the most popular place.

The largest area of the park is the eco-tourism area which is subdivided into rare and precious zoo, ocean world and ecological area. The favorite place is probably the rare zoo and ocean world including aquarium. The rare zoo nurtures wild animals from South Africa and North America such as giraffes, white tigers, Chita newspapers, etc. The precious birds from South America like beautiful red-winged parrots and cows close to the tropics. On the way to Bao Son Paradise Park visitors should remember to buy some little snacks such as peanuts in order to feed the animals here.


The ocean world is loved by the aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the North of Viet Nam. Coming here you will experience wonderful moments under the ocean and lovely creatures. After seeing thousands of strange and beautiful big fishes coming from the ocean and freshwater saltwater world, the visitors will be able to watch the fish swimming in front of their eyes. It might make them feel like the fishes is around them, playing with them, being immersed in the ocean, is it interesting?


The ancient quarter has more than 20 old-style attached houses with roof tiles and 13 famous craft villages of the Northern Viet Nam and traditional culinary characteristics in the culinary area. Each house resembles a shop that sells various things for example, clothing, watches, art works and beverages, which displays the lifestyle and business practices of old-school Hanoians.

Bao Son Paradise Travelhanoi

Here, visitors can not only walk around, feel the old space of the capital of thousand years of civilization, but also enjoy the cuisine and folk arts. The Ancient Bao Son Street is also an ideal place to set a backdrop for many movies, music videos and art shows in Viet Nam such as Saturday Treaty program, Tet program of VTV, music MV “When do you get married”, etc.

Bao Son Paradise in Hanoi

The culinary section offers visitors a wide range of choices from traditional Vietnamese dishes to Asian and European dishes. Newly, try the taste of European and Asian dishes, displayed under the hands of a famous Thai chef and immerse yourself in sweet melodies that captivate people in luxurious space. Diners who want to enjoy traditional dishes can attend the traditional Vietnamese Country Market session- a place where typical dishes of all 3 regions are gathered. It features 31 food stores selling traditional specialties of all regions throughout the country such as pho (noodle), cha ca Hanoi (Hanoi-style grilled fish) and banh tom (crisp shrimp pastry), all of which can be found on street corners the length and breadth of the nation.



8:00-17:00 o’clock is the time to open-close at weekdays (Monday-Friday)

8:00-18:00 o’clock is the time to open-close at weekends and holidays


220,000 VND/ person is the ticket all included

150,000 VND/ person is the ticket for weekdays

150,000-170,000 VND/person is the ticket at weekends

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