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5 reasons why you should come back to Vietnam

terraced rice fields hoang su phi

If you’ve ever visited Vietnam once, you would must have impressed by many things which make you want to spend more time or make another trip to come back to Vietnam. I’m also aware that there are some negative feelings or reviews about some shortcomings but I believe strongly that the good things will dominate definitely, I would share some 5 of the reasons travelers should come back to Vietnam.

Beautiful landscapes through along the country

rice terrace sapa

With lots of tourist attractions, beaches and historical monuments through along the S-shaped country, Vietnam appears as a stunning picture which anyone wants to explore. From terraced fields poured by sunlight in the northern mountainous region to the long beach with white sand and blue water along the South Central coast, from big cities with crowded motorbikes all days such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang to peaceful and ancient landscape like Hue, Hoi An. All of them will give you lots of interested and new things in order make you really love Vietnam and want to come back one day.

Delicious and diversified food

street food hanoi

Local food Vietnam is a must which everyone visiting Vietnam would remember and like it. Vietnamese food isn’t only unique, but also is really diversified. Each province or country in Vietnam often has specialized cuisines with unique taste, such as pho (noodle soups) and bun cha (noodle with grilled pork, herb) in Hanoi, banh mi (bread with a variety of different ingredients inside) in Ho Chi Minh, bun bo (another kind of noodle soup) in Hue, etc. If you want to try lots of Vietnamese cuisines, no reason to not come back Vietnam.

Low cost of living in Vietnam

cost saving travel vietnam

The cost of living in Vietnam is about from $800 to $1,200 per month (source: It also means traveling cost is really cheap. Therefore, inbound tourist really takes lots of advantages when visiting Vietnam than most of other countries, even though ASEAN ones. It’s a smart way how to spend money for traveling. With the same money, in Vietnam, you can travel more destination, try more Vietnamese cuisine. You will not only come to this country, but also really live to feel Vietnamese life.

Friendly and hospitable inhabitant

street walking saigon

The unique characteristics of Vietnamese people which any foreigners must recognize are friendliness and hospitality. Those are a part of Vietnamese traditional culture about behavior with another in society. You can easily ask anyone help when trying to find the direction or a good restaurant. Besides, other reasons why Vietnamese be friendly with oversea tourists is they want to practice English and make friends with foreigner people. Even people cannot speaking your language, they will try to use body language their own way to make you understand. 🙂

Travel service and facilities is getting more and more developing.

intercontinental da nang

At present, Vietnam is a developing country with high growth speed in service sectors, especially tourism. In fact, the economic sector in general and tourist services such as hotel, tourist guide and so on in particular have lots of weakness. However, it is becoming better and better. The resort, traffic and local attitude are raising day by day in order to bring to travelers more experiences. Nowadays, you can enjoy luxurious services in a famous deluxe resort in Vietnam such as: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula, Victoria Hoi An Beach, Six Senses Con Đao, etc. Consequently, if you visited Vietnam a long time ago, you will probably be surprised at the development in Vietnam. That is the reasons why you should come back to Vietnam again and again.